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reflection in title

D-reflection Convert the database schema between MS SQL 2005 and Oracle 9i/10g.
Size: 228K
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water reflection whit convert CIM schema  
Reflection An applet that helps better understand light reflectance
Size: 8.2 MB
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plugin Create remote connection remote connection Add-in  
D reflection D-reflection 1.0 A tool to convert MS SQL 2005 database to Oracle database.
Size: 164 KB
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database convert convert database near-reflection  
Behind the Reflection Overcome obstacles laid by a wicked witch as you solve the puzzles that lead to her lair.
Size: 724.3KB
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A Christmas Reflection A beautiful Christmas lake and snow scene
Size: 1.06 MB
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snow Snow flake generator snow effect snow plug-in  
Reflection Explorer A reflection tree explorer for Java
Size: 243 KB
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class examiner reflection coefficient near-reflection  

reflection in tags

Tiles Reflection This Paint.NET plugin can create celular based reflections.
Size: 5 KB
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Tile create reflection reflection creator  
Water Reflection This Paint.NET plugin will help you create variable types of reflections.
Size: 6 KB
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Variable water create reflection reflection reflect  
Wet Floor Reflection This Paint.NET plugin can generate progressively fading object reflections.
Size: 5 KB
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fading text fading Fading Images Fading Border  
Fresnel Reflection Plugin An easy to use plugin that can help you create realistic images.
Size: 48 KB
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visual Photoshop plugin reflection visual realism  
Zaxwerks Reflector This plugin package will help you to easily add reflection effect to your images.
Size: 2.4 MB
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plugin reflection coefficient near-reflection  
AJT Reflection Make a reflection image using fractal landscape.
Size: 90 KB
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image image effect reflection coefficient near-reflection  

reflection in description

ReflectionCreator ReflectionCreator is an easy-to-use application designed to allow you to create images with a configurable reflection effect starting from existing images. Simply load the image in the reflection crea...
Size: 410 KB
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Create Creator reflection creator reflection  
Fasterflect NET reflection. It allows you to perform metadata lookup and reflection invocation intuitively while achieving greater performance than the built-in .NET Reflection. If you frequently use .NET Reflect...
Size: 311 KB
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development Library API development library  
Reflection Effect Allow you to apply a reflection effect on the objects in your picture. Instructions for Use: 1) Start with a new graphic and create a new Layer that is totally transparent. 2) On that layer, place the...
Size: 28 KB
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plugin microsoft Paint.Net apply effect  
TAdvReflectionLabel TAdvreflectionLabel is a component which allows developers to create labels with reflection properties. Main features: [ul][li]Label with built-in automatic reflection display[/li] [li]Support for HTM...
Size: -
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Reflection X Advantage Reflection X Advantage is Attachmate's go-forward X server. [b]Reflection X Advantage[/b] is included in Reflection X 2011, Reflection Suite for X 2011, and is also available at no additional charge t...
Size: N/A
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multimedia audio controller whatsapp latest version ful  
Reflection Generator Reflection proxy class generator makes it easier for .NET developers to access non-public members of .NET types and use non-public classes with reflection. This application was developed to be a small...
Size: 12 KB
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generator class generate class generator generate class